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Celebrate Your Wins - All of Them

Even if You Have to Crawl

Sometimes the steepest, most challenging, and most rewarding paths in life are not meant to be walked but crawled. In my personal experience, this has been true for all of the times I’ve struggled most in life.

Sometimes we need to crawl first to humble and ground ourselves before standing tall and walking the new path ahead. This act of celebrating small wins was precisely how I approached sobriety and dealt with binge/emotional eating.

It was in learning to take baby steps first and be consistent in those steps before moving forward to my next phase. When I was first learning how to address emotional/binge eating behaviors, I knew that no foods were off-limits. What that looked like for me was not cutting out any particular food group because of fear it would make me fat or give me a false sense of control. Once I was able to be consistent with that mindset, only then was I able to move forward to my next step ahead.

So if you’re feeling like you’re crawling, that certainly doesn’t mean you’re not on your path, but in fact, you are on your exact route. So be loving, patient, and forgiving as you journey forward.

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