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Love Yourself - No Matter What

Our body's size and shape should never determine how we respect or treat our body

 The woman on the left deserves the same amount of respect, love, and attention as the woman on the right. Neither body is better or worse. Neither body needs to be fixed or judged. Neither body deserves more praise or criticism than the other. Neither body is an accurate representation of health. Neither body needs to be neglected or more cared for. Instead, both bodies deserve love, acceptance, and respect.  

With every diet, I lost a piece of myself and respect for my body. You see, diets teach us to love our bodies when they look a certain way or are a specific weight or size. They teach us to be strict and rigid with ourselves and set such high and unrealistic expectations that we are ultimately always going to "fail." They tell us it's about willpower, and if we don't exert enough, we have failed. Diets teach us to criticize and judge our bodies so harshly and tell us that we do not deserve a vacation, clothes, or self-care treatments until we've achieved our unrealistic goal. Finally, diets teach us how to hate our bodies.  

I never realized this when I was dieting, for I always thought that I was the problem, really meaning my body was the problem that needed to be fixed. So I punished my body constantly through the words I used to speak to it, severe food and calorie restrictions, emotional eating, binge eating, and over-exercising.  

After 30 years of treating my body this way and the r mental toll it took on me, I was adamant that there had to be another way. There had to be a different approach to accepting and respecting my body, and I always swore that I would tell it from the tops of many mountains if I found that way.  

Sign up today for my Nourished + Free program if you want to break free of this cycle of self-hatred, shame, and criticism. Whether it's about the food you eat, the body you have, or both, I am here to support, guide, encourage, and show you the way. Heal your relationship with food and your body so that you never have to obsess over your body image or the food on your plate.

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