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Tis' the Season

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

This is the time of year when I would begin to really worry about my weight and my obsession with food.

And when the new year would come, I’d vow that this year would be different in that I’d stick to the diet I had set out to commit to, I’d buy the new gym membership, and make new commitments based on my weight or staying in control with my food.

But here’s the thing... a diet never addressed what was truly at the root of what was going when it came to food and my body struggles.

If you can relate to this than hear me out... Let's imagine, for a moment, that the problem is not food and the problem is not your body. The root issue is with the culture and all the ways it shapes your relationship with food.

The challenges we have with food and body right now actually don’t have much to do with the diet or exercise routine we follow. Instead, they have everything to do with the way we think and feel about food!

Do you desire to change your relationship with food and your body? To break free of feeling like a failure because you can’t stick to a diet? To feel good in the skin you’re in?

To stop waiting to be happy until you reach a certain size or number on the scale?

Reach out if this is your desire and know that this is available to you!

Photo Credit: The Dropped Pin

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